Compressed gas source solution for pulsating vacuum sterilizer

1.Application range of pulsating vacuum sterilizer:

Pulsating vacuum sterilizerIs the current advanced technology, reliable effect, high efficiency of sterilization equipment,Mainly used to steam cavity items and appliances, etc.Sterilization. In the pharmaceutical industry, it can sterilize the bottle stopper, operating tools, a large number of work clothes and other cloth items or drugs that do not need to be cooled and explosion-proof. It can also be used as sterilization equipment for units producing sanitary materials, dressings, instruments and other products in the pharmaceutical industry. It can be used for sterilization, fumigation and drying of medicinal materials. Can also be used for food sterilization.

In the medical industry, with the increasing attention of major hospitals to nosocomial infection, the traditional exhaust sterilizer has been gradually eliminated and replaced by pulse sterilizer. Among all kinds of disinfection and sterilization equipment in the hospital, pulsating vacuum sterilizer plays an irreplaceable role in the sterilization of daily dressings, instruments and other items. As the most important equipment in the hospital supply room, pulsating vacuum sterilizer undertakes the sterilization task of most daily items and can kill all living microorganisms on medical equipment, including bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi, so as to ensure the safety and repeated use of these equipment.


2.Working principle of pulsating vacuum sterilizer:

The principle isSaturated steam as a sterilization medium, through the mechanical forced exclusion of air in the sterilization chamber, inRepeated vacuuming and repeated injection of steamUnder the action of the sterilization chamber, the formation of negative pressure, whenAirPumpingamount99%After the aboveThen fill the saturated steam to reach the set temperature and pressure, and the steam can quickly penetrate into the inside of the article for sterilization. Pulsating vacuum due to multiple vacuuming, more thoroughly exclude the sterilization chamber and waiting.Sterilized ArticlesThe cold air inside,Allow the pressure steam to quickly penetrate into the center of the item to be sterilized,Completely eliminate the temperature "dead angle" and "small load effect", air exclusion more thoroughly,Thermal penetration is more rapid, Sterilization at higher temperatures,Shorter sterilization time required,The effect is more stable and reliable.

 3. compressed air sourceImportantRole:

Pulsating vacuum sterilizerIt is a multi-medium equipment integrating high-pressure steam, water, electricity and compressed air,Among them, water source, power supply and pressureThe shrinking air source is the main driving force for the operation of the various components of the pulsating vacuum sterilizer. Therefore, whether the air compressor can be efficient, safe and accurate operation plays an important role in conveying compressed gas.

Compressed air is mainly usedPulsating vacuum sterilizerThe main function of the sealing of the cabinet door and the switch control of all pneumatic valves of the equipment is to compress air all the way to the pilot solenoid valve to control the opening and closing of each pneumatic valve, and the other way enters the front and rear sealing grooves through the two-position five-way reversing valve to control the sealing rubber strip Air intake and evacuation, so as to realize the sealing of the door.Sealed doorGeneralwith electrical and mechanical pressure safety interlocks,When running the sterilization program, the inner chamber is completely sealed and isolated from the outside world to ensure sufficient sterilization.

Good choice of 4. air compressor:

Pulsating vacuum sterilizer is a mechatronics equipment with high degree of automation. It has the characteristics of high sterilization quality, many parameters involved and high frequency use but easy to fail. In particular, the required air compressor needs to repeatedly vacuum and inject steam and work alternately for many times. Therefore, to ensure the stability and long-term transportation of compressed air, it also needs convenient daily operation, safety and durability, low noise and low maintenance difficulty. The compressed air used in the pulsating vacuum sterilizer must meet the following requirements,Air pressure range:0.4-0.7Mpa, Oil-free and quiet operation, antibacterial coating inside the gas storage tank, the maximum particle size is5μm.Our high qualityPC90Series without oilThe compressor, due to its small size, isPulsating vacuum sterilizerThe ideal choice. They are characterized by efficient and durable performance:SuchInSterilizer equipmentDuring the entire service life of the compressor, no maintenance is required.


PC90Technical parameters


Output flow

92 L. Min

Maximum working pressure

8 bar

Maximum current

115V 4.8 Amps


59 db/A

Air cylinder size


Dimensions (ins.)



41 lbs



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