Rail Transit

Products of the following specifications, due to their special performance and structure, can be applied to rolling stock systems:
• P72200 Series/P72600 Series Universal Industrial Pressure Transmitter
• Oil-free compressor series:
Oil-free compressor MARATHON series [displacement: 90-295L/Min, discharge pressure: 10 Bar]
Mini oil-free compressor KK8 series [displacement: 25-30L/Min, discharge pressure: 7Bar]
Mini oil-free compressor KK15 series [displacement: 32-73L/Min, discharge pressure: 7Bar]
Small oil-free compressor KK40 series [displacement: 60-150L/Min, discharge pressure: 7-12Bar]
Small oil-free compressor KK70 series [displacement: 105-195L/Min, discharge pressure: 7Bar]