INFLUX-FM certified flowmeter for fire sprinkler pump testing and sprinkler flow detection


INFLUX -ForFire sprinkler pump testing and spray flow detectionFM certified flow meter


Fire sprinkler system is a widely used fire extinguishing device, which has the characteristics of low price and high fire extinguishing efficiency. When a fire occurs, the system can automatically issue an alarm, and the fire sprinkler system can automatically spray and work in conjunction with other fire fighting facilities to effectively control and extinguish the initial fire.


Composition diagram of fire sprinkler system

Fire sprinkler pumpIt is a special pump that meets the flow and pressure of the spray system. When a fire occurs, the fire spray pump is automatically controlled by the system to start and provide the water in the pool to the nozzle through the pipeline to promote the work of the entire fire system.


China's fire pump in the design, selection, reference to the United States.The NFPA 20 standard puts forward more targeted and clear performance requirements for fire pumps:

  1. The maximum flow rate of the fire pump shall be the design value.150, the lift is not less than 65% of the lift of the selected working point, the lift when the pump is closed is not more than 140 of the lift of the selected working point, the flow rate of the pressure stabilizing pump is 1-2L/S, and the lift is 1.1-1.2 times of the lift of the fire pump.
  2. The water outlet pipe of the fire pump shall be provided with a flow meter for measurement, and the flow meter shall be able to test the selected flow rate of the water pump.175%.


United KingdomInflux Measurements Ltd was established in 1998, focusing onInFlow meter design and manufacture, main productsThere areINFIUXFlowmeter,INFIUXFlow switch,INFIUXFlow sensor, a wide selection of products, a wide range of applications.

INFLUX's Firesure FM series direct-reading flowmeter is professionally designed for fire sprinkler pump testing and sprinkler flow detection. With FM certification, installation is simple and quick.

Firesure FM series flow meters are available in a variety of sizes, suitable for horizontal and vertical pipelines, andcan satisfytoUSGPM and dm³/min for the unit of flowTest. Can be used for flanged or grooved connections. Also availableLPCB certified flow meter.


ObtainFM or LPCB certification;

Flanged or grooved connections;

To accommodate horizontal or vertical piping;

High-precision, ultra-stable flow readings;

Easy-to-read flow scale;

Simple and convenient installation;

meettoUSGPM and dm³/min for unitsFlow test;

FM certification level1046;

Accuracy: full scale±2%



Flowmeter parameters

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