Compressed air solution for automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfecting machine

In the medical field, automatic surface disinfection using special disinfection equipment is increasingly replacing traditional manual wiping disinfection,hasMore effective, more economical, more secureetc advantages. In automatic surface disinfection, the liquid disinfectant is atomized by compressed air and a special nozzle and sprayed into the to be disinfected.EmptyBetween,This kinddry atomizationMake the entire room available, including the equipment in it.effectivelyDisinfection,IncludePathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi or viruses are reliably killed or reduced and the risk of spreading disease is reduced.



Automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfecting machineClinically used for the cleaning and disinfection of medical endoscopes, especiallyGastrointestinal endoscopy (GI) and other moderate-risk single-lumen flexible endoscopes (eg, bronchoscope, ureteroscope).MachineByEndoscope decontamination tank, control panel, machine upper cover and floating inner cover, chemical disinfectant liquid storage tank, alcohol liquid storage tank, cleaning agent liquid storage tank, irrigation pump, disinfectant pump, filter,Oil-freeAir compressor composition(The following figure)


Automatic endoscope cleaning and disinfection machine internal structure diagram

Requirements of the quality of compressed air for the cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes

To ensure patient safety,AccordingISO 15883-1 and15883-5StandardMediumThe hospital needs to prepare the corresponding requirements.Quality ManagementDocuments, including:Standard Operating Procedures for Cleaning and Disinfection,to guaranteeCleanDisinfectionProcessthe reliabilityand effectiveness.Each step of the cleaning and disinfection process is the improvement of the previous step, and does not affect the effect of the subsequent stage. Final rinsing and dryingTowith proper water quality andCompressionair quality conditions to avoid re-contamination of already disinfectedEquipment.


Compressed air used in endoscope sterilizer, to be satisfiedas followsRequirements,Air pressureScope:58 to125 psi, the minimum flow is1.1scfm, the maximum particle size is5μm, the maximum dew point is7°C(45 °F) with a maximum oil concentration of 5 mg/m3.



DueLaboratories, clinics and hospitalsprefer small size, lightweightthe equipment,So it also becameSterilization Equipment ManufacturersThe design concept. Our high qualityWhite MambaMicro compressor due to its small size,becomeIdeal for mobile washer-disinfectors. They are characterized by efficient and durable performance:Suchin disinfectionEquipmentDuring the entire service life of the compressor, no maintenance is required.


WertherCompact oil-free air compression



-Oil-free silent compressor
- 100%Duty cycle
-Performance:270 W
-High qualityPumpHead
-Maximum pressure:8 bar (116 psi)
-Air flow:36,8 L/min
-Gas tank:3.5LStainless Steel
-Noise level:49 dBA
-Weight:12 kg
-Size:23 x 38 x 39 cm
-Quick Connect(Nominal diameter:7,5mm)
-Built-inWater separator


WERTHERInternational was established in1970The company is headquartered in Reggio Cade, Italy. Mainly provide air compressor,WETHERThe air compressor is manufactured by the Italian air compressor and auto protection equipment manufacturing group.WERTHER INTERNATIONAL S.p.A.Honorary production,25Years of air compressor manufacturing experience, especially in silent air compressors (noise is lower45decibels) in the field of technological advantages.

After 40 years of development,wertherHas become one of the world's air compressor and vacuum pump manufacturers, the company is headquartered in Italy Reggio Emilia, has.15,000Square of modern production base, product sales.90Many countries and regions, is used in medical, scientific experiments, analytical instruments, printing, food processing, pneumatic and other fields.


WertherAir compressor is widely used inLaboratory:Nuclear magnetic resonance, tensile testing machine, blood analysis equipment, humidity meter, laser particle size analyzer, atomic absorption meter,Peak,Parker,Claind, and other brands of nitrogen generator,AgilentAgilent,Thermo FisherSyme fly,AB SCIEX,Watersand other brands of gas chromatograph and gas mass spectrometer,EISS,FEI, Hitachi, JeolSuch as brand electron mirror supporting. Medical industry:Dental matching air compressor,ICU,Centralized air supply in the operating room, pneumatic ballistic lithotripsy.WertherCompanyHas been focused on providing oil-free compressors for hospitals and medical practices,Its authorized agent in China, Tianjin Liankesi Technology Development Co., Ltd.Due to years of experience, we haveAbilityAdvise you from the idea of the project to the installation and make sure you are satisfied after the purchase. We are happy to advise you, please contact us

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