Proportional Electric Proportional Valve to Control Pressure in Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting requires the use of precision electronic regulators and controls. Proportion-Air offers a range of custom systems for regulating pressure in high-tech laser equipment.
Applications include:
Adjustment of gas mixtures in laser charging chambers
Adjust the cutting machine pressure according to the cutting material.
Auxiliary gas regulation of automatic laser welding equipment
Gas mixing adjustment
Laser cutting is the main application of our regulators. You need low-pressure oxygen to pierce the metal, and then high-pressure nitrogen to achieve a clean cut. When the laser cuts, oxygen helps burn the metal. Once the surface is pierced, switch to another gas (such as nitrogen) to keep it clean-a bit like blowing metal shavings aside to keep the cutting chips away. This precision cutting means that you do not have to further process any edge parts, thereby maximizing the efficient and economical use of materials.

The normal valves that deliver these gases simply open and close without proportional adjustment. Their job is to choose the right gas based on the content of the laser cut. The work of our equipment is proportionally through mixed gases. The computer will tell our equipment when cutting, what the pressure to keep clean should be, and it will constantly adjust.

In order to eliminate the possibility of fire, our equipment is nickel-plated brass instead of aluminum, which is important when dealing with excess oxygen. In addition, we remove all petroleum products from the regulator and only use lubricants that are compatible with oxygen. Before applying an oxygen-compatible lubricant, we use ultrasonic baths and other methods to verify the elimination of residues.
Accuracy with repeatability
Our valves not only provide safety and precision, but this precision is extremely repeatable. They are proven commodities. Our customers will tell you that our laser cut proportional valves are the most reliable in the industry.


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