Application of Proportion-air Electric Proportional Valve in Food Processing and Packaging

Automation in the food processing industry requires regulation and monitoring of air pressure throughout the production process. Proportion-Air's closed-loop system provides customized electronic pressure control for a variety of food processing tasks:

Control the cylinder pressure that produces a downward force on the cutting machine
Removal of oxygen in baking applications that require an air-free environment
Air pressure control for automated food frosting equipment
Heat-modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and packaging integrity testing
Precision Temperature Control of Saturated Steam

Temperature Problems in Food Production

When food manufacturers use two-pot steam cooking, the cavity between the inner and outer layers is filled with saturated steam that needs to be controlled. For example, accuracy is especially important for processes like pasteurizing milk.
One option is to continuously check the temperature through a sensor. This can be achieved by manual control, but this method allows rising and falling below the optimal temperature, which is not only laborious, but also makes the optimal food production less consistent. It also tends to wear the wetted parts of the steam regulator faster due to the continuous adjustment.
Proportion-Air products allow you to set a programmable, constant pressure that you can maintain without constant adjustment-a horizontal hold line. This saves time and wear, making the product more reliable and efficient. It's a bit like urban traffic mileage versus highway mileage.

Clean up the application

In the cleaning process of the food manufacturing cycle, temperature accuracy is as important as preparation. For example, in a chicken processing plant, the temperature of the water must be precise to effectively kill bacteria in the waste. Similarly, for clean water sprayed using hundreds of pounds of pressure, strict temperature control must be maintained.

Meat Processing Applications

When ground beef manufacturers package meat into tubes for consumers to eat, the meat is packed into shrink tunnels, covered with plastic, and then steam closed and sealed. Due to additional regulations, precise temperature control is even more important for international transportation.
In addition, since the pre-gutting washing apparatus uses saturated steam, the temperature control of the washing water is obviously an important part of controlling the level of microorganisms.

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