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PS81-Ultra Long Life Vacuum Switch


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PS81-Ultra Long Life Vacuum Switch


For low vacuum applications, our long lifeThe PS81 Series is an unparalleled million pressure cycle life

The taste of long-term reliable work. Its brass housing and four optional diaphragm materials ensure system compatibility.

PS81 series switches can be set in the field or in the factory.


0.75 ~ 15" Hg (25 ~ 508 mbar)

Sensitive diaphragm for low set point

Factory set or field adjustable

DPDT switch optional


Performance parameters

Working temperature

-40 of F~180 of F (40℃)~ 80)


5 Amp @ 24VDC and250VAC 1Amp @ 24VDC (-G option)


± of maximum set point2%@70 o F(20)

Fluid port


diaphragm nitrile(Standard) (OptionalEPDM, Viton ® ororKapton ® )

Interface Brass

Shell Brass

Spring stainless steel

spring guide rodDolrin

Electrical Terminals

DIN 43650A IP65; TerminalsIP00; flying line1P65;IPSelectIP66

Withstand voltage

150 psi (10 bar)


CE, UL certification optional


About0.31 I bs. (0.14kg)


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