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PS75-Rugged Cylindrical Pressure Switch


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PS75-Rugged Cylindrical Pressure Switch


Gems PS75 series has a full metal surface, pressure overload stop function makes the switch in a high pressure surge environment

Can still do a good job. It has a wear-resistant disc and a shock-absorbing ring inside to extend the life, and the switch uses a piston/

The diaphragm design combines the high pressure resistance of piston technology with the sensitivity of diaphragm technology. The switch can be in the field

Setting can also be set in the factory.


Side mountedDIN connection originalPS-FASeries

Top mounting connection originalPS-FB Series

5 ~ 6000psi (0.35 ~ 414bar)

Long life wear disc design






See Table1

Fluid receiving parts


Diaphragm nitrile (optionalViton ® , NeopreneorEPDM)

Pressure interface galvanized steel (optional316 SS)

Housing galvanized steel (optional316 SS)

Electrical Terminals

DIN 43650A IP65; conduit with flying leadIP00; flying lineIP65

Withstand voltage

7500 psi (517 bar) except range 10: 500 psi (35 bar)

Rupture pressure

9000 psi (600 bar)


CE, UL certification optional

Weight, approx.

0.5Ibs. (0.23kg)


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