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F6FSB15 series-online baffle type flow switch


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Product Description

F6FSB15 series-online baffle type flow switch


principle, structure

On-line mounted, mechanical flow switch. Built-in micro trigger switch.


Minor pressure loss, good repeatability, anti-fouling ability, through the knob to achieve precise switch setting. The mechanical part is safely separated from the electronic part. With three-way threaded connection


Gas-liquid dual-use, industrial automation/Mechanical Equipment/Air Compression Industry/Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Piping for DN15--DN50.

Performance parameters


Setting range:

See the following table for details


± 2.5% of total span

Wiring mode:

Terminal wiring (M12 connector/direct wire optional)


Mechanical switch normally open + normally closed (250VAC,3A)

Withstand voltage:

60 bar (aluminum)/ 100bar (stainless steel)


Average pressure loss:

0.01bar (at maximum flow)

Ambient temperature:

-25... 80 ℃

Medium temperature:

0... 110 ℃

Interface Thread:

Internal thread G1/2 ",G1"(1-1/2 ". 2 "customizable)

Protection class:



Process Connection: Stainless Steel/Anodized Aluminum

                         Connecting rod: Stainless steel

                          Blocking plate: Stainless steel

                          Sealing: NBR

                          Housing: ABS


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