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F6FS10N Series-Flow Switch


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Product Description

F6FS10N Series-Flow Switch


principle, structure

On-line mounted, mechanical flow switch for liquid or gaseous media. Rugged plastic, aluminum or stainless steel housing available.


Very small pressure loss, good repeatability, anti-fouling ability. The mechanical part is completely isolated from the electronic part, which is suitable for small flow economy. The piston stroke of 3 times the original FP10 makes the setting accuracy more accurate. With switch setting scale, users do not need to set in the field. LED display switch status, dual switch output is available.



Gas-liquid dual-use type

Industrial Automation

Mechanical Equipment

air compression industry

Refrigeration and air conditioning



Performance parameters


Setting range:

See parameter table for details


± 5% of total span


Depending on the switching point, minimum 0.5L/Min

Switch setting scale:

Is in the medium for water, temperature 20 ℃, horizontal installation state calibration. The installation position, medium and temperature changes will slightly affect the switching value

LED display:

DC powered LED display switch status, AC no LED display.

Wiring mode:

M12 connector


Reed Switch, Capacity 24VDC / 250VAC ,100mA

Withstand voltage:

50bar (aluminum),100bar (stainless steel)

Average pressure loss:

0.3bar (at 25L/min)

Medium temperature:

Max. 90 ℃

Protection class:


F6FS10N…GP Material:

Housing: POM plastic,

                                  Piston: POM plastic

                                   Spring: Stainless steel

                                    Sealing: NBR

F6FS10N…GA Material:

Housing: Anodized Aluminum

                                  Piston: POM plastic

                                   Spring: Stainless steel

                                   Sealing: NBR

F6FS10N…GK Material:

Housing: stainless steel

                                    Piston: POM plastic

                                  Spring: Stainless steel

                                 Sealing: NBR


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