Application of Proprotion-air Electric Proportional Valve in Pig Speed Control with Mass Flow Controller

Pipeline pigging is an important and common process used in many industries, but pigging speed control is rarely performed. It is used to clean the pipeline, ensure proper flow, and diagnose the pipeline itself.Many times, this process is controlled by pressure, resulting in damage to the pig and pipeline. WhenPipingget stuck and increase the pressurePipingWhen you break free at a very fast and uncontrollable speed, damage will occur.

By controlling the flow in the pipeline, the speed of the pig can be controlled. When the pig is stuck, the mass flow controller allows pressure to build up-Detach the pig, but once the pig is detached,The mass flow controller senses the increase in flow and immediately reduces the flow, thereby reducing speed and potential damage.

The sketch shows the control of the speed of the pig by controlling the flow in the pipeline.FQB3 andFThe series flow module is used to control the speed of the pig as it cleans through the pipeline. DueFQB3The servo control valve is closedFSeries flow sensors signal output around the loop, so you can maintain a constant speed or change the pig speed.

FThe update rate of the series is less10Milliseconds to ensure that there is no lag in pig speed control when changes occur in the pipeline. The pig speed can be adjusted according to the command signal from the controller, and inFQB3Pin of electrical connector5Display available onFSeries flow signal output for data acquisition.


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