Application of Proportionair Proportional Valve in Aerospace

The aerospace industry relies on accurate and high-quality testing during the production and performance of its components and assemblies. Closed-loop pressure and vacuum control is an important part of the testing process.
Constant changes in pressure and altitude require precise instrumentation to ensure the safe operation of aerospace equipment. Various areas in which closed-loop pressure and vacuum control devices are used in the aerospace industry include:
Stress testing of aircraft components due to frequent height changes
Adjusting the mixture of fire extinguishing foam and water for the airport fire truck
The use of cylinders to control force feedback in flight simulators
Balloon pressure control in G suits for flight simulators
Aircraft fuselage fatigue test
Apply repeatable pressure to the meter and sensor during calibration
Whether you need a pressure controller to help test components at a specific height with precise vacuum control, or a device that can handle the severe vibrations of flight while providing repeatable pressure control, Proportion-Air can help you determine the best solution for your needs and then quickly manufacture that solution.
Fuselage fatigue test
Proportional air closed-loop pressure components, such as QB2, can be used to simulate atmospheric changes in fuselage fatigue testing. A large amount of low-pressure air needs to be added and discharged quickly, and for such applications, the pressure needs to be very repeatable.
The standard accuracy is ± 0.2% and the repeatability is ± 0.02% of the full scale calibration. In this application, due to the small pressure difference, it may be very time-consuming to vent the low pressure to the atmosphere. In order to speed up the exhaust time, Proportion-Air modified the proportional regulator so that customers can access the exhaust valve drive signal.
Flight Simulator Control
A flight simulator that uses an air cylinder to control force feedback on the simulator control yoke can use a proportional air electro-pneumatic pressure regulator to control force feedback to the operator through a computer or PLC. It is important that flight simulator controls provide 'real world' feedback to the operator.
Proportion-Air can use electronic pressure regulators (such as MM1 s) to control the force on the cylinder in real time. Less pressure allows for softer feedback, while more pressure allows for tighter feedback. Proportion-Air's high forward and release flow products allow rapid pressure changes when needed to simulate different flight conditions. The standard analog monitor output of the pressure regulator can be used to collect data back to the controller.
Flight Simulator Seat Strength
Military flight simulators must include simulations of flight suits, belts, and airbags, just like those used on actual aircraft. The pressure requirements of the flight simulator seat force are sometimes as low as 1 psig at full scale, but air must be added and exhausted quickly to make changes as needed.
The Proportion-Air QB2 with high forward and pressure relief flow booster is very suitable for this application. Small pressure step changes are required, and Proportion-Air's high-resolution electronic regulator is adjusted for such applications. The analog monitoring signals can be brought back to the flight simulator computer to obtain pressure data for each part of the controlled system.
fire extinguishing foam
In this application, the customer needs to mix the fire extinguishing foam with water. The mixture of water and foam also needs to be adjustable. The QB2 proportional regulator is connected to the DST control pressure to the atmospheric reference port of QB1.
QB1 is used to air guide the dome-mounted BD water regulator. When the water pressure detected by DST changes, the air output of QB2 will automatically change during operation-allowing QB1 to maintain the controller-adjustable water-foam ratio.



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