Filter heater: protect the system from cold air



In terms of temperature control, systems often have a"Best location. In essence, there is an ideal temperature range for the system to operate normally. When the temperature rises or falls beyond this range, problems may occur in the system or the final product.


Usually, when temperature problems occur, this is caused by overheating. However, this is not always the case. In colder climates or professional industries, some systems require heated air to make the system work properly. In these cases, it is often necessary to use a compressed air filter heater.



What is a compressed air filter heater?


A filter heater can be added to the system to heat the compressed air to a temperature that is usually68°F(20°C) and248°F120°C) between the controlled temperature. Inside the heater there is an open wound heating coil, which works with a temperature sensor to heat the air. When paired with a compressed air pre-filter, clean air will enter the system at the correct temperature.


Why does the system need a filter heater?


Maintaining the correct elevated air temperature can convert any aerosol or liquid water in the pipeline to vapor form, where it can usually pass harmlessly downstream. Refrigerated air dryers can only reduce the dew point of the air to approximately39°F(4°C). If ambient conditions fall below this point, water will again condense in the airflow. Therefore, if your pipes are located outside the building, water vapor in the air may damage the system in the colder months.


After compressing the air, the pressure will increase and absorb heat, which is why the compressor may overheat without a cooler. However, when the air passes through the pipes of the compressed air system, the temperature will decrease. By the end of the production line, the temperature may be very cold or even frozen, leading to the possibility of condensation. In addition, if air pressure (as often happens with pneumatic tools) expands into the atmosphere, significant cooling may occur. This supercooled air can be uncomfortable to operate the tool and can also cause condensation to drip from the instrument.


Risk of condensation in the system in winter


In winter, even a small amount of condensed water can cause various problems for the compressed air system. For example, water may freeze and cause the pneumatic control valve to freeze shut. Similarly, if humid air manages to spread throughout the system, it may cause product damage or make breathing air dangerous to consumers.


Choosing the Best Compressed Air Filter Heater


The Walker Filter Filter Series offers eight in-line heater packages to ensure controlled compressed air temperature for industrial and breathing air applications. Our heaters can be quickly adjusted to adapt to changes in air pressure without deviating from the set temperature.


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