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Alpha Series Compressed Air Cohesion Filters

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Walker FiltrationofAlphaThe series of compressed air coalescing filters have a redesigned housing and the performance of the filter element has been greatly improved, making it the most energy-efficient filter housing on the market today.

AlphaThe condensation series is designed with flow optimization in mind, using a new advanced filter head design, andAlphaWhen used in combination, the filter element can significantly improve air flow, increase energy efficiency and enhance the overall performance of the compressed air system.

AlphaThe filter element has five filter grades (X25 - 25Micron,X5 - 5Micron,X1 - 1Micron,XA - 0.01 OneMicron andAC-Activated carbon) can significantly save energy.XAandX1The level enables the saturation differential pressure to be less125 Millibar guarantees its leading performance, while achieving lower life-cycle costs and highest air quality.

AlphaThe series of compressed air coalescing filters have been tested and verified and have passedISO 12500-1: 2007Standard, can guarantee the best air quality.X1andXAThe differential pressure of the grade is lower125 Millibar, ahead of the market level.

AlphaSeries Offers18 Type, connector size from1/8Inches3 inches, tested and verified by a third party, itsX1andXARank to achieve less125 Millibar saturation differential pressure, which has proven to be the most advanced filter to date.

AlphaIndustry-leading performance and excellent performance in oil mist and particulate retention, significantly reduce pressure loss and have the best filtration efficiency, thereby reducing operating and life-cycle costs.


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