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Diaphragm piston pressure switch


Key words:

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Product Description

Thin film type/Piston pressure switch


principle, structure

The built-in piston is connected with the precision spring. When the pressure changes, the expansion and contraction of the spring will change accordingly. When the pressure reaches the set value, it will trigger the preset mechanical structure and send a switch signal


Compact structure, usingDIN standard plug, extremely convenient wiring, wide measuring range (0...400bar), high overload capacity (up to: 1230 bar), high repeatability, with normally open or normally closed contacts, gold-plated contacts, large contact capacity. Can be used for: water, oil, gas pressure measurement.

Performance parameters

△ Measurement range:

See the following table for details

△ Hysteresis:

10…20% setpoint

△ Error:

3% of set value

△ Output:

Normally Open Normally Closed Contact Gold Plated

                        ≤ DC42V, 1A

                         ≤ DC115V, 0.15A

                         ≤ AC42V, 3A

                          ≤ AC125V, 3A


                           ≤ AC250V, 0.5A

△ Medium temperature:

-20... 85 ℃

△ Protection grade:


△ Wiring mode:

Terminal Wiring

△ Material:

Diaphragm (≤ 12bar type): NBR

                           Piston (>12bar type): Steel piston with NBR seal

                         Process connection: Galvanized steel

                         Shell: engineering plastic


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