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PS61-OEM miniature pressure switch


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Product Description

PS61-OEM miniature pressure switch


These compact pressure switches are designedDesigned for OEM applications. They are forklifts, forklifts and other construction machinery.

Ideal for demanding high pressure hydraulic systems.


15 ~ 3000 psi (1 ~ 207 bar)

Supernormal volumetric pressure range ratio

Can be factory set or field adjustable

It is very suitable for the application of construction machinery in a vicious environment.



Performance parameters


100 VA Max.


See Table1

Fluid receiving parts


DiaphragmNitrile(OPTIONALEPDMorViton ®

Pressure interface galvanized steel (optional316 stainless steel)

Electrical connection

Exposed TerminalIP00;IPSelectIP66

dead zone

See Table1

Withstand voltage

6000 psi(414 bar

blasting pressure

9000 psi(600 bar


CE (maximum voltage is42 VDC)


About steel:0.14 lbs. (0.06kg)

Comments: The switch can still work below the minimum temperature. But the set point and return difference will increase.

Please consult the factory for details.


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