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PS31PS51-Kapton®Diaphragm OEM Miniature Pressure Switch


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PS31PS51-Kapton®DiaphragmOEMMiniature pressure switch


This simple switch isof OEM design. The use of metal contacts instead of microswitches makes the switch economical and practical,

Kapton®The separator has excellent properties over a wide temperature range, while also having very good chemical stability.

PS31 andPS51There is a common mechanical structure and external dimensions.PS51The series offers higher pressure measuring ranges.


5 ~ 300 psi (0.345 ~ 20 bar)

Ideal for cryogenic and pneumatic applications

Field adjustable or factory settable


Performance parameters

Working temperature

-40°F~ 230°F (-40°C~ 110°C)


Max.100 and pad


See Table1

Fluid receiving parts


Diaphragm sprayingTeflon ®ofKapton ®

Port Brass (optional316 stainless steel)

Electrical connection

Exposed TerminalIP00;IPSelectIP66

dead zone

See Table1

Withstand voltage

500 psi (35 bar)

Rupture pressure

1000 psi (69 bar)


CE (maximum voltage is42VDC


About Brass:0.14Ibs. (0.06kg)



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