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Gems F6RFO and F6RFA type flow monitoring


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Gems F6RFO andF6RFAtype flow monitoring


Gems has made RotorFlow rotor designs popular by combining highly visible rotors and solid-state circuitry in a compact housing. They provide accurate flow output and obvious visual indication at an unparalleled cost-performance ratio.


Typical applications


water purification/Distribution System

chemical metering system

Laser and welding

water injection system

Semiconductor production equipment

Refrigerators and heat exchangers


Performance parameters

Material of liquid contact


Housing: Brass, stainless steel or polypropylene (hydrolytically stable, glass reinforced)

Rotor shaft: ceramic

Rotor: PPS composition, black

Lens: Polysulfone

O-ring: Vition (Fluorinated Rubber) (Alloy Case); NBR (Polypropylene Case)

Low temperature adapter: Glass reinforced polypropylene

Maximum working pressure


Brass or stainless steel housing: 200 PSIG @ 70℉

Polypropylene housing: 100 PSIG @ 70℉,40 PSI Max.@ 180℉

Maximum operating temperature


Brass or stainless steel housing:-20℉ to 212℉(-29 ℃ to 100 ℃)

Polypropylene shell:-20℉ ~ 180℉(-29 ℃ ~ 82 ℃)

Electrical part: ambient temperature 150℉(65 ℃)

Maximum viscosity: 200SSU

Input power


Type F6RFO: 4.5VDC ~ 24VDC

Type F6RFA: 24VDC,± 10%

Output signal


Type F6RFO: 4.5VDC ~ 24VDC pulse, pulse value depends on flow rate, port size and range

Type F6RFA: 0 ~ 10VDC @ 1mA,Max.

Suction current


Type F6RFO: 8mA, no load

Type F6RFA: 25mA,Max.

Output current


Frequency output range

25Hz (low flow) ~ 225Hz (high flow)

Electrical connection

22AWG PVC sheath, 24 "cable. Color code: red = VDC, black = ground, white = signal output



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