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Gems F6FS-550 Series-High Voltage, Metal Paddle Switch


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Gems F6FS-550 Series-High Voltage, Metal Paddle Switch


StandardThe F6FS-550 switch can bi-directionally sense whether there is a flow condition of the fluid. A total of two blade lengths can be supplied. The paddle should be trimmed during installation so that the switch operates at the set flow rate. When the flow in the pipe rises, the paddle starts to move about the axis of the switch. Regardless of the pipe size, the resulting pressure drop is less than 3PSIFG.


Pipeline size:1-1/4 "and above

Main structure material: stainless steel or brass

Setting Type: Fixed


Performance parameters

Material of liquid contact

Housing: Brass or 316 stainless steel

Paddle: 302 stainless steel

Spring; 316 stainless steel

Other connected parts: Ceramic and Teflon

Maximum working pressure


Pressure drop

3PSIG Max.

Working temperature

-30℉ ~ 300 ℉(-34.4 ℃ ~ 148.9 ℃)

Set Point Accuracy






Electrical connection

NO.18AWG,24 "long, polymer lead


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