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AALBORG mass flow meter GFM series


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GFMCharacteristics of Gas Mass Flowmeter

  • Robust metal construction
  • Maximum pressure reached1000psig 70bar
  • The leakage is less than the measuring range1x10-7 sml/sec 
  • NIST Traceability verification
  • LCD digital indication
  • 0~5V DCand4~20mA standard signal
  • Loop protection
  • Can be used as a portable device
  • engineering unit or0~100% Percentage Display
  • A variety of options to choose from

GFMGas Mass Flowmeter Performance Specification

  • Full scale range:10ml/min1000l/min
  • Instrument accuracy:1.5% (Under specified pressure and temperature conditions, accuracy:1%
  • Span ratio:501
  • Temperature range:050°C
  • Maximum pressure:70 bar
  • Output signal:05VDCand420mA

GFM17Series Low Flow Gas Mass Flowmeter    10 sml/min -15 sl/min
Series Medium Flow Gas Mass Flowmeter15 sl/min - 50 sl/min
Series Large Flow Gas Mass Flowmeter50 sl/min - 100 sl/min
Series Large Flow Gas Mass Flowmeter100 sl/min - 200 sl/min
Series Large Flow Gas Mass Flowmeter200 sl/min - 500 sl/min
Series Large Flow Gas Mass Flowmeter500 sl/min - 1000 sl/min

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