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AALBORG mass flow meter/controller AFM/AFC series


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Technical Parameters of AFC Series Mass Flow Controller



Accuracy (including linearity)

±1%Full scale, including59To77The gas temperature (15To25) and10To60psia0.7To4.1bar) pressure. ±2%Full scale, including41To122The gas temperature (5To50) and5To150psia0.35To10.3bar) pressure.


±0.2%Full scale

time constant





Response time

AFM± of series set point2 %More than full-scale20%-100%

AFC2600(Qmax=15Sl/min) ± of set point2 %More than full-scale20%-100%about1Seconds

AFC3600(Qmax=50Sl/min)andAFC4600(Qmax=100Sl/min) ± of set point2 %More than full-scale20%-100%about2Seconds

temperature coefficient

0.1%Full scale/

pressure coefficient

0.01%Full scale/psi(0.07bar)

optimum gas pressure

25 psig(1.73bar)

Maximum gas pressure

1000 psig(70bar)

Gas and ambient temperature


Material of liquid contact

316Stainless steel, copper and vito rings, neoprene rings.

azimuth sensitivity

Horizontal to vertical rotation below15degree; the standard calibration is in the horizontal position

Output signal

Linearity0-5Vdc,Minimum1000ohms. Load resistance4-20mA 0-500 ohmsLoop resistance, maximum noise ±20mA

Control signal

0-5 Vdcanalog signal  4-20mARemote Mode


AFM/AFC2600andAFM/AFC36001/4”Thread of ferrule

AFM/AFC4600: ferrule thread

Optional1/8” or3/8”Thread of ferrule or1/8” VCR®

Power Protection

The circuit board has a built-in electrode reversal protection fuse can be re-adjusted to provide power input protection


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