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Decreasing proportional relief valve EPDBD05

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decreasing proportional relief valveEPDBD05

The decreasing proportional relief valve size05, is a direct-drive valve in a tapered structure of the differential, and can also be used as a remote control valve, allowing the pressure to be set in proportion to the coil current.

The valve is particularly suitable for controlling relatively large pilot flows (for example, from variable delivery pumps/remote pressure adjustment). With a maximum volume flow rate of 8 or 12 l/min, it is also suitable for direct use. Decreasing proportional relief valve, size 05, the pressure can be set inversely proportional to the solenoid current, so that the solenoid has no current when the pressure reaches the maximum.


The maximum pressure can be preset mechanically with the adjustment spindle over the entire pressure range. The valve opens once pressure is applied to the portP reaches the current set value (coil current), which allows the medium to flow to the port T If the pressure drops again, the valve closes with low hysteresis.In order to achieve the best resolution, there are many set point pressure zones available. The valve has a fast, accurate, and low vibration response. It is relatively insensitive to oil contamination and is virtually wear-free. The valve is available in a space-saving, cost-effective slip variant, as well as a cartridge valve with different stepped bores:T-10A (standard),C10-2, and holes M20 x 1.5/15 H8. Similarly, this valve is available with a tube housing and a variety of sandwich and top mounting plates in nominal sizes 4(ISO 4401) and 6(DIN 24340 A06).



Technical Specifications

Direct-acting, electromagnetic drive

Maximum working pressure 315BAR

Maximum flow12l/Minutes



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