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Proportional pressure control valve EPDRD3-05

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proportional pressure control valve EPDRD3-05

direct effectThe 3-way proportional pressure control valve size 0 5 can reduce the pressure inlet to a lower user pressure. The user pressure is adjustable and proportional to the current of the solenoid. Oil continues to flow from port P, reaching the set pressure value, the valve will close. Only when the user pressure drops will the valve open again to flow from port P to port A. If the pressure set point on the user side is exceeded, the pressure release function of the valve will be activated (three-way function).

The following should be noted:

The greater the pressure difference between the inlet pressure and the user's, the higher the requirement for oil cleanliness (it needs to be filtered3 microns or less).


Technical Specifications

Working pressure at port P and port A

Maximum working pressure 315 bar

Maximum flow12l/min

 The working pressure of port T cannot be higher than the value of port A

Maximum operating current 700 mA (24V) or 1700 mA (12V)

Control pressure range 30bar,45bar,60bar,75bar,115bar,175bar,250bar and 315bar



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