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Proportional pressure control valve EPDR3-10

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proportional pressure control valve EPDR3-10

Oil continuously from portP flows out until the set pressure is reached and the valve closes. When the consumer pressure drops again, the valve will open again from the portPFlow to PortA. If the set point pressure is exceeded at the consumer's, the valve's decompression function is activated (three-way function). Then when the pressure set point is reached, the oil will be removed from the portToutflow.

The valve can also be used purely as a pressure reducer (2 one-way function). However, at the third port (T) can not be closed. Optimal adaptation to the requirements is possible through various pressure ranges. All features related parts are hardened and polished or matt. The valve has a fast and precise control behavior that remains stable even when vibrating.


The following should be noted: The greater the difference between the intake pressure and the user pressure, the higher the cleanliness of the oil (the filter is required to drop3 microns).



Technical Specifications

Maximum working pressure 315 bar

Maximum flow80l/min

Maximum operating current 700 mA (24V) or 1700 mA (12V)

Control pressure range 25bar,45bar,70bar,115bar,175bar,210bar and 315bar


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