Application of Proportion-Air Proportional Valve in Aerospace

The aerospace industry relies on accurate and high-quality testing for the production and performance of its components and assemblies. Closed-loop pressure and vacuum control is an important part of the testing process.Constant changes in pressure and altitude require precise instrumentation to ensure the safe operation of aerospace equipment. Various areas in the aerospace industry where closed-loop pressure and vacuum controls are used include:

Pressure testing of aircraft components due to frequent altitude changes

Control of fire extinguishing foam and water mixtures for airport fire engines

Use of cylinder control force feedback in a flight simulator

Control Flight SimulatorAirbag pressure in G kit

Aircraft fuselage fatigue test

Apply repeatable pressure to meters and sensors during calibration

Whether you need a pressure controller to help test components at a specific altitude through precision vacuum control, or you need a device that can handle severe vibration in flight and provide repeatable pressure control,Proportion-Air can help you find the best solution for your needs and then quickly manufacture that solution.

Aircraft manufacturing and aerospace test applications

The following types of Proportion-air proportional valves are used in aircraft manufacturing and aerospace testing applications such,QB3Proportional valveandQB4Proportional valveModelQPVProportional valveandMPVProportional valve QB2Proportional valve QB1Proportional valve DSSeries pressure sensors, etc.

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