Our oil-free air compressor and dryer in the application of CMM


Threecoordinate measurementInstrument(CMM) Is an instrument used to locate point coordinates on three-dimensional structures mainly used in quality control applications. Highly sensitive machines can measure a few tenths of an inch of parts and must be properly maintained and protected to ensure accurate measurements. Specifically,CMMContains a number of highly sensitive air bearings on which the measuring arm floats.




The oil-free air compressor provided by our companyIn the application of three coordinate measuring instrumentThe advantages are as follows:



High air quality:Oil-free air compressor does not need to add lubricating oil, from the source to ensure that the compressed gas discharged does not contain oil and oil vapor, eliminating the risk of oil pollution to compressed air and final products, and will not cause corrosion to supporting equipment. At the same time, it also eliminates the increase in costs due to oil.


Small size: compact and reasonable structure design, effectively reducing the product area.


Low noise: The output gas is stable and has no fluctuation, and the reasonable shock absorption and noise reduction design minimizes noise pollution.


Easy to install: just connect with the gas equipment, and then turn on the power to work normally.


Maintenance-free: oil-free lubrication design, to solve the ordinary air compressor regular refueling maintenance and environmental pollution caused by oil leakage.                                   



Membrane dryer used on three coordinate measuring instrumentFeatures and advantages:


• Protect CMM from costly repairs caused by oil and water


Guaranteed dew point35°F, contaminant removal.01Micron

It is reliable and efficient for other dryer technologies, Economic Substitutes


Very suitableStarrett,BrownSharpe,Zeiss,IMSandMTICMM provides pure dry air


No electricity required, thereby reducing operating costs; silent, vibration-free operation


Reduced maintenance, no desiccant required


Does not generate heat or vibration; prevents inaccurate measurements

Environmental protection, no use of refrigerant or freon


Complete system with high efficiency coalescing filter


Can be installed vertically or horizontally

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