Application of Proportion-air Electric Proportional Valve in Industrial Process Control

Proportion-air proportional air provides many solutions for the process control industry.

Solution: Control the position of a process control valve

can be usedProportion-Air's closed-loop device insteadI / PorE/P. The superior performance of these instruments can withstand vibration and doESInstrument air not required.

In various process control applications:

Control the position of the process control valve

Adjust saturated steam pressure to control temperature

Solution: Temperature Control

Thesaturated steam pressuredirectly related to the temperature of the saturated steam. We provide high-precision pressure controllers and use them with air-pilot steam regulators to provide a fully closed-loop saturated steam pressure control kit.

Since our product has a closed loop, it eliminatescomplexity of PID control. We monitorSaturated the steam pressure and then closed the loop around the steam. Since we are closing the circuit around the pressure (ie temperature), there is no need to usePIDController. This simplifies the system and achieves higher accuracy without dithering back and forth, and maintains the temperatureWindow"-In low to high pressure applications, including:

vulcanized rubber products

Cooking temperature control in food processing

Temperature-controlled chemical process application

The key to all these applications isAccuracy-This is what our products provide. Because it is a closed-loop system, and because a steam regulator is used, we eliminate many components that are usually required to control temperature. In addition, there are fewer parts and fewer chances of failure.

Solution: Tank blanking

If you use chemicals to produce products (such as creams, household cleaners, etc.), it is important to mix the correct formula. Many products will oxidize if exposed to sunlight or the surrounding environment. In some cases, oxygen can cause chemicalCure. Therefore, you may need to maintain an inert gas blanketto vent the oxygen.

You also need a regulator to keep the gas in the tank at the same pressure, regardless of how much material is left in the tank. This must be done in a closed cycle; as the liquid in the tank is replaced and the air pressure rises, the excess gas must be discharged. Our products do this automatically. You want to always know that the pressure in the tank is the pressure that needs to be maintained. OurStandardMonitor output signal is ideal for data acquisition and pressure verification -Even under very low pressure. For large water tanks, our products can maintain accuracy even under pressures as low as one inch of water column.

Solution: Relative Humidity Control (Increase)

In some manufacturing environments, the temperature must be maintained70 degrees Fahrenheit, and relative humidity must also be maintained (for example, manufacturing microchips, microprocessors). If the atmosphere is too dry, static electricity can damage the chips you are manufacturing, polishing and packaging. Therefore, you need relative humidity sensors throughout your institution. These sensors return command signals to the controller/computer to maintain the pressure of the dispensed moisture.

Our liquid regulator distributes water through a nozzle and can be further atomizedWater. Therefore, you need an electronic pressure regulator that controls the air pressure through the atomizing orifice -and increase in proportion to the required humidity.

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