Application advantages of drum adsorption dryer in dental clinic

Application advantages of drum adsorption dryer in dental clinic



The compressed air needs to be filtered and dried before use,Application in medical and other industries is required to meet the standardsISO 8573.1:2001 Granules: Grade 1 (down to 0.01 microns, even sterile air). The drum adsorption dryer canMeet the requirements of dental clinics for special applications of air compressor systems.



The drum dryer is an innovative compressed air device suitable for oil-free compressors that can produce clean, dry and sterile air with performance and reliability exceeding other technologies. The drum dryer is integrated in its small size5 stages of air handling. It eliminates the need for separate controllers or external filters and drains, greatly reducing installation costs. In addition, it can be used in the most demanding environments and can quickly recover from excessive use (such as overflow or accidental condensate flooding). The compact size of the drum dryer makes it easy to install, provides a true "throw-away" zero-maintenance solution, and provides users with the ISO8573-1 quality level of air required.

Relative to cold dryer,suction dryerExisting products such as membrane dryerscompared,drum adsorption dryerIt is more suitable for compressed air drying in small-flow air compressor systems. It can be moved, has no power supply, no space restrictions, and is more flexible to use.


Why?Reel adsorption dryer can be appliedCompressed air drying in the dentist's office?What are the advantages?

• Minimum pressure loss is typically 0.1bar(1.5psi)

• 100% outlet flow when the compressor is running

• No service required

• Lifetime guarantee

• Reliable electromagnetic emissions

• Simple controller

• Dew point optional

• Purge air <10% at compressor no load

• Complete recovery from excessive use

  High chemical resistance, anti-vibration performance

  Integrated design including bulk water removal, inlet and outlet filtration, drying and drain connections

  Easy installation with universal push-in fittings


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