The ideal choice for optical platform compressors-WERTHER ultra-quiet, portable compressors

Optical platformAlso known as optics.Breadboard, optical desktop, scientific desktop,YesFor level, stable countertops,Usually opticalAll platforms.AdoptVibration isolation and other measures to ensure that it is not disturbed by external factors, so that scientific experimentsbe ablenormal.


CurrentlyOptical platformalreadyWidely used in optics, electronics, precision machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, aviation, navigation, precision chemical and non-destructive testing and other fields, as well as other machinery industry precision test instruments, equipment vibration isolation of key devices.


To guaranteeOptical platformAbsolutely.level,OpticsCountertopNeeds to be installed infourwith itOn the airbag of Unicom,Make sureThe system is basically not subject to external disturbance and change. Even if you press the table, it will automatically return to the level because of the airbag.


As the air supply system of the optical platform, the compressor provides sufficient compressed air for the implementation of the airbag to ensure the stable performance of the optical platform.


Optical platform


ItalyWERTHERGroup, after 40 years of development, has become a world-renowned compressor and vacuum pump manufacturer.By virtue25Years of compressor manufacturing experience, especially in silent compressors (noise is lower45decibel) field has an absolute technical advantage.


Tianjin Liankesi Technology Development Co., Ltd. as an ItalianWERTHERExclusive agent in China, providing andNEWPORTThe optical platform is the same as the product and model.WERTHERCompressor and high-quality pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service.


According to 《GB/T 15487-1995Flow measurement method of positive displacement compressor"and 《GB/T4980-2003Compressor Noise Assessment "and other national standards, ItalyWERTHERSilent, portable compressor that provides a stable gas source for the optical platform with low noise30dB(A).



Comparable to the noise of the human voice and almost feel the vibration, so thatWERTHERCompressors have become an ideal gas source for optical platforms, especially in high-precision fields such as laboratories.

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