How to choose a compressed air filter?

Before choosing a compressed air filter, the following elements should be considered:

Size of particles to be filtered

There are standard universal filters that can be removed540micron particles.

There is also removal lessFilters for 1 micron particles, especially for pharmaceutical and food industry equipment.

Flow and pressureForceLoss (or pressure drop)

The size of the filter varies, depending onFlow rate of filtered gas. These flows can reach1,700Nm³/ h。

In order to choose the right size, you will need to determine the maximum size of the filterPressureLosses.

According to the flow reference pressure drop curve provided by the manufacturer.

For best operation, it is recommended to avoid a pressure drop greater5 psi。


At what temperature will the compressed air filter operate?

High-performance filters can be used at high temperatures (over450°C).

Environmental Standards

Compressed air filter meetsISO 8573 standard, which specifies the purity level of compressed air in the presence of solid particles, water and oil, regardless of its location in the compressed air system.

The standard also provides general information on contaminants in compressed air systems, and refers to the measurement of compressed air purity or the specification of compressed air purity requirements.Other parts of ISO 8573.

And finally,ISO 8573-1:2010The standard also identifies gaseous and microbial contaminants.

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