Application and Selection of Oil-free Silent Compressor in Laboratory

1.Application of Oil-free Silent Air Compressor in Laboratory

Oil-free air compressors will be used in the laboratory for analysis,Test or quality control, and the oil and gas in the oil air compressor will affect the valves, nozzles, pollute the air or tamper with the measurement data, affecting the test results. Oil-free air compressor produces airQuality shouldAir quality class 1:3:1 in accordance with ISO8573-1 standards.

The laboratory mute air compressor can operate continuously under 10kg pressure. The products are widely used in medical treatment, rail transit, laboratory, telecommunication cable blowing, food industry pressurization, stirring, beverage industry bottle blowing, filling, etc.

LaboratoryInternal application instrumentSpectral analysis, particle measurement, rheometer, nuclear magnetic resonance, tensile testing machine, blood analysis equipment, humidity meter, laser particle size analyzer, atomic absorption meter, laboratory testing equipment, nitrogen generator, gas chromatograph GC-MS and liquid chromatography LC-MSWait.

2.Silent oil-free air compressor selection guide:


There are many types of air compressor manufacturers and sales on the market. According to the air quality requirements, it can be basically divided into two types: oil lubrication and oil-free lubrication. How to choose and buy oil-free air compressor to satisfy oneself or customer? The following points for your reference:

  1Quality requirements for gas source

With the improvement of people's health awareness and environmental protection requirements, many equipment workmanship is becoming more and more sophisticated, which puts forward higher requirements for the air compressor that provides air source for these equipment, so the application range of oil-free air compressor is more and more wide. Please confirm the specific requirements of the equipment on the quality of the air source and the placement environment. If the requirements are not high and you do not care whether the gas is oil-free, you can consider choosing some common industrial compressors with large noise and lubricating oil molecules in the exhaust air based on the principle of cost saving. On the contrary, you need to purchase silent oil-free air compressors.

 2The required flow, pressure and power must be specified

First of all, the air compressor model should be selected according to the air flow under the rated pressure of the equipment. The selected air compressor preferably has a flow rate slightly greater than the required flow rate, so as to prevent some pipe joints from leaking and the flow rate cannot keep up, so that the pressure cannot reach the demand. The units of gas flow are usually m³/Hour (cubic meter/hour) and L/Min (liter/minute). 1m equals 1000L. Pressure is also a key factor. The maximum discharge pressure of the air compressor must be consistent with the pressure required by the equipment. If it is small, it cannot meet the equipment demand, and if it is large, the purchase cost will rise. The pressure expression unit is usually Bar,kg/cm2 (commonly known as kilogram pressure). In addition, the rated power of the air compressor is not as large as possible, but to choose a smaller power when the flow and pressure meet the requirements, which can save unnecessary power resource expenditures.


Some brands of foreign companies are generally reliable in quality, but usually due to their production and transportation costs, the selling price has been high, which is not the first choice of ordinary companies and individuals; and due to the rapid pursuit of brand and quality by domestic companies, the quality of similar products has improved very fast, and some manufacturers have basically no difference with foreign countries in technical ability, and some have even surpassed foreign ones. It is recommended to consult peers before purchasing or search and compare on the Internet with keywords such as "silent oil-free air compressor", "silent oil-free air compressor" and "medical dental equipment.


Services should be considered from three aspects: the manufacturer's service to product knowledge; the service to accessories; the service to after-sales maintenance. Due to the small scale of most domestic oil-free air compressor manufacturers and the small batch output, it leads to excessive competition in the same industry, which makes the price lower and lower, but the quality also decreases. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose some export-oriented companies with strong brand awareness and service awareness.



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